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QUICKPLAY PRO Adjustable Height: 6″, 9″ + 12″ All-in-One Speed Hurdles (Set of 6) Speed Training Hurdles, Agility Hurdles and Plyometric Hurdles – NEW FOR 2017 –

3 HEIGHT SETTINGS (6, 9 or 12 inches) – The QUICKPLAY PRO Quick-Click set of 6 Hurdles allows you to get the most out of your training session. Vary training intensity by adjusting the height of the hurdle without having to carry around bulky and heavy equipment.
INSTANTLY ADJUST HURDLE HEIGHT – with the innovative QUICKPLAY ‘Quick-Click’ mechanism. Change each hurdle’s height by simply rotating each leg until they “Click” in place – no tricky buttons or clips.
UNIQUE BREAKAWAY SYSTEM – For lasting durability, our QUICKPLAY PRO Hurdles are not only strong and flexible; they are also designed to breakaway if accidentally stepped on in training, unlike other hurdles that can snap, break or fly off in any direction. Simply click back in place and continue training, with no fuss.

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